Our Research

The Health Policy Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital provides a resource-rich environment to conduct studies related to the health care of historically disadvantaged populations, and reform and innovation within the health care delivery system.

Externally-Supported Research

Researchers at the HPRC mainly participate in research related to two broad areas:

Health and Health Care of Historically Disadvantaged Populations:

  • Racial and ethnic minorities
  • Individuals with chronic physical and mental health conditions, including those resulting from tobacco use
  • Persons who are poor, uninsured and socioeconomically marginalized
  • Persons with disabilities

Reform and Innovation within the Health Care Delivery System: Health care financing, insurance and reform

  • Health workforce (professionalism, supply and policy, diversity and training)
  • Quality and safety
  • Health information technology policy and use
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Population and health management

Internally-Supported Research

Internally-supported research is generally responsive to Partners HealthCare or Massachusetts General Hospital leaders who seek the assistance of HPRC faculty with specific initiatives, evaluations or other activities within the institution and affiliated care providers.

Examples of internally-supported projects include the evaluation of different aspects of Partners HealthCare’s Population Health Management (PHM) programs, as well as:

Diversity Metrics Project

We are working with the MGH/MGPO Diversity Committee, the Disparities Solution Center and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to measure diversity culture in our patient populations, and in our workforce to create a Diversity Culture Dashboard, including new survey measures to understand experiences of fair and respectful treatment here at Mass General. See https://www.massgeneral.org/diversity-inclusion/

Patient and Provider Experience in MGH TeleHealth

We helped to evaluate early experiences of patients and clinicians in the MGH TeleHealth Program about their visit experience, and compare office and telehealth visits to understand the relative value and appropriate use of virtual video and asynchronous email visits.  Publication is forthcoming: Donelan K, Barreto EA, Sossong S, Michael C, Estrada J, Cohen AB, Wozniak J, Schwamm LH. Patient and Clinician Experiences with Telehealth for Patient Followup Care, Am J Managed Care, 2018, in press.